Bill facture bussiness portion

I bought a Fairphone3 on internet on FF website from France and i deeply need the bill (la facture as we say) to put it onùy bussiness portion.
I didn’t receive it with the phone on January. Help me !

Ask the support. If you are lucky, the answer will only take a month. :slight_smile:

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I think you should have received it per Mail as pdf. Probably you can download it also from you account in the shop, iirc


The mail with the bill has the title:
‘Confirming payment for FP200xxxxxx’
Perhaps this makes it easier to look for it.
I received it on the same day as the mail with the title:
Thanks for your order # FP200xxxxxx
But that doesn’t has to be the case for you as I ordered from the Netherlands.


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