Bike Mount for FP3

Hi I wondered whether anyone knows whether the FP2 Protective Case is the same material as the FP3 Protective Case?

The reason I wanted to know is that I was thinking of getting a Quadlock bike mount and I found an old thread where someone had successfully attached the adhesive Universal Mount to an FP2 case. If it works for one it should work for the other.

On a slight tangent, I noticed the lack of waterproof covers for all Fairphones seems to be a recurring issue and I wondered what the chances of partnering with a company like Quadlock or Otter or even if any of the DIYers had produced something that might be commercially available.

It is not the same material.

The FP2 slim case plastic is stiffer and can be broken. Regarding the surface of the material, it is complicated because some FP2 slim cases had a very polished, almost shiny surface, while others had quite a rough, almost anti-slippery touch (like raw, as if they did not have a coating like the other).

The FP3 protective case is thicker and slightly elastic (otherwise it would be impossible to attach to the FP3 and FP3+), I think it would be very hard to tear it in pieces, not to mention break it (virtually impossible, I guess). Its surface I would call smooth-matte.


I have attached the universal Quadlock to the FP3 protective case and it is sticking with no problems. Now I just need to find something so it is waterproof!

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