Bicycle Handlebar FP2 holder (waterproof)

as I am able to cycle to work now, I would like to invest in a handlebar-phone-holder. I’ve “googled” the forum and found links to the Topeak Drybag.
I looked at the SKS Smartboy… the FP2 just fit in, and it took me 10 mins to get it out again. Won’t buy that.

What does the community say? What do you use? Do you have a holder for waterproof and dry?


I’m also interested in something like that :slight_smile:
If someone can show us something that really works.

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Finn is the non-waterproof solution that I use and I do like the handling of it. Have a look at this thread for an earlier discussion about it.

Hi, I read your thread about the Finn, but was looking for a waterproof option. After talking to my neighbour, he showed me his Delta Box. I tested it with the FP2 - it fit, so I bought one with Quad-Adapter. I’ve only take it out once, but it seems good.

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I can also recommend using the BBB BSM-11 Large phone mount, as shown here
(Dutch website).

It comes with some foam that you can easily adjust to make it fit perfectly, it is firmly attached to your bike but can be quickly removed and put back and it’s weather proof :slight_smile:

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