Better Fairphones in 2015?


I’m thinking about buying a fairphone now or waiting for next year. In case there will be, next year, a better phone, in which sense will it be so?.
I suspect that all phones will be the same, or at least, the differences will not be especially big. Why do I think so? Because Fairphone should not contribute to the buy-movement, that means, that the user who have already bought a phone should want to buy a better one, at least for a long period of time.

Anyway, I would like to ask before making a decision.

Congratulation and thank you very much for this great initiative. That is not the future, that must be the present.

Alberto R.

Hi @Alberto_R_del_Nogal,

at the moment noone here in the forums has any informations about the FP2, but I expect it will be a midclass smartphone with all the standard features.

For sure it will be much better than the FP1U, but don’t expect a highend phone like Samsungs Galaxy 5 etc.



Yeah, nothing known about it yet, except that they’re aiming for a 10 out of 10 repair ability score on iFixit.

Two articles you should read this and this

The forums are community led, so we don’t have any further information.

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