Best free HD camera for Google Free FP2


I’ve had my FP2 for a year now, rooted for a Google Free Experience :slight_smile:
I’ve not been able to find a decent camera app. The app that comes with the phone doesn’t quite do enough.
I’ve had Open Camera for most of the time but I have issues with focussing on objects and from reading things up this seems like a common issue with this app.#
Camera MX looks good but says it is incompatible with my phone.

My question: Is there a decent, free, ND camera app that is reasonably quick (like Open Camera but faster and with better focus!)

Thanks in advance FP crew :pray::sun_with_face:

I use Open Camera and don’t have any such issues and I know many (if not most) active users on the forum use Open Camera too without troubles.

Where did you read that the app has trouble focusing?
Have you tried other apps yet and did they not have the issue? Otherwise I’d guess it’s rather the hardware than the software.


Thanks - I read about it on a couple of reviews this morning but my own experience is the same; the main issues tend to be around taking photos close-up.

I also found that the app is very slow on my phone and takes a good 10+ seconds to be ready for use.

I will try some others and see how I get on.



It’s true that open camera is not exactly fast.
I just took some test pics comparing it with simple camera which is definitely faster.
I never noticed it before, but now in direct comparison I really do see an issue with open camera focusing on close objects. The strange thing is: If you focus on something close it won’t work the first time, but if you tap on the same are of the screen again it will work. Then if you tap it again it will again not work and so on. So it only works every other time.
With simple camera it works every time.


Thanks @paulakreuzer - I will persevere with open camera as all the other advanced camera apps seem to want you to pay. I struggle with focus even on multiple attempts but I an not a professional so will learn to live with it.

I hope I haven’t made you aware of an issue you hadn’t seen before and it doesn’t start to bug you!

Thanks and have a great day


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