Best back-up method

Except Big G that many of us refuse outright. Yes, that’s why this and many other topics on the subject, are there.
Seedvault is I suppose on the right track, in that, given the Android security model, the backup process either has to be part of the OS, or have root access.
What needs to be done in AOSP is to provide the data extraction process but leave to an application, the choice of what to do with those data. What’s the likelihood, given Google’s guardianship?

Trusting Google is not a solution either, because as I said, Google also respects if apps have opted out of backups.

The proposed solution for Seedvault is for it to act like the migration feature to switch between phones, which can backup significantly more apps.
Relevant quote from the docs linked above:

Note: For apps running on and targeting Android 12 (API level 31) or higher, specifying android:allowBackup=“false” disables backups to Google Drive but doesn’t disable device-to-device transfers for the app.

But that hasn’t been merged yet

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Aiming to avoid G when I can, I also turned to Seedvault (on FP3 + LineageOS)
Initially tried to backup to my private Nextcloud instance, but could get this to work.
Instead (actually a much better solution for me now), I save the encrypted backups on my phone, and sync this with Syncthing, which are was already using to backup stuff between my computers at home.

Syncthing works like a charm, my backup triggers only when I am at home and connected to WiFi, and do not go through the internet nor consume space somewhere in the Cloud

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