Becoming crazy with notifications

Hi all,
I have just received my FP3. I am happy with the device.
However (I was an iPhone user), I am becoming CRAZY with notifications. I use Messenger a lot. I would like to receive a clear notification (either with the phone locked or not) WITHOUT the content and sender of the message shown to protect confidentiality. I have spend maybe 6 or 7 hours trying to do this (not even going into the problem of having a sound or not) and I CANNOT do that. Neither was my 17 yo son. Could you help me. I am juste about to to back to Apple :).
If possible le same for SMS, Insta, Snap, etc.
Many thanks.
I have tried basically all the possible setting…

Not sure if that covers all you need, but in the settings app, go to “Security & Location > Lock screen settings > On lock screen” and choose whatever option suits you best.

My UI is in German, so English names might differ slightly, but you should be able to find it.


hi :slight_smile:

you have different ways to achieve that:

  • If you make a long-touch at the notification, you have the possibility to deactivate this specific notification type of the corresponding app by choosing “Stop notifications

  • If you choose (after long-touching on the notification) the “i”-icon, you can navigate to Notifications and choose there more specific which notifications you don’t want receive.

  • There are of course also app-specific settings. In my case - Telegram and Signal - I can choose which informations should be visible within the notifications:
    – If you use Telegram, you can find those settings under Settings -> Notifications and Sounds -> Notifications for chats
    – If you use Signal , you can find those settings under Setting -> Notifications

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Hi Aurelien,

Fairphone has some useful tutorials at

The link to Googles Android Help

is really worthwile, they explain pretty much everything. Many concepts are quite different on Android than on iOS, but I am pretty sure that you will get used to your new phone pretty soon.

Welcome to the Fairphone club, anyway!

Best wishes,