BBS statistics, phone not always sleeping

I’ve been optimizing my phone a lot with the help of BBS… For the background: I’m using FP Open OS with XPosed, Ampify and Greenify.
For the rest, it is heavily used with chats and twitter and feedly and ebook-Readers…
So, I’m getting a idle battery drain of 2.5% up to 3%, which looks not too bad for my usage (see Besides fiddling with amplify, what is the end result are some wakelocks which can’t be controlled (by me), which are kernel dependent, or even hw dependent…

Here is the gist of it:
Deep Sleep (): 5 h 35 m 46 s 67,3%
Awake (Screen Off) (): 2 h 42 m 36 s 32,6%
Screen On (): 14 s 0,0%

Awake, Screen of is way to hight, because of:
Kernel Wakelocks !!! wakeup_sources !!!

msm_ehci_host (): 2 h 25 m 8 s Cnt:(c/wc/ec)2964/0/0 29,1%

msm_ehci_host is probably connected to GSM or (more probably?) WLAN.
I had WLAN running and mobile data off.

So, as we can’t do too much here, probably (except for developing Cyanogenmod with its own kernel :slight_smile: ) I guess this is just for reference.


(If I know how to include the BBS File I’ll include it as a whole)

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