BBC News app doesn't work on Fairphone 2

I have a Fairphone 2 and all seems to be in good order except that the BBC News app won’t work properly. It will open, but I can’t open any of the articles, clicking on them just returns to the main screen. Has anyone else had the same problem?

Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:
Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact
That might help…

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Thanks - I had already tried that and it doesn’t work (but it fixed some other apps!).

It’s working fine on mine. I didn’t change any settings, it’s just working.

I know that doesn’t help you, sorry.

I’ve got the same problem with BBC. Privacy notification does not solve all app issues. Also not working: europcar, mobility car sharing, migros, post finance. It is mostly about menu choices/selection that are not saved or taken into account. Thanks for any advice!

2 more: (cannot open entries in phone book) and Schweiz Mobil (cannot load saved tracks/itineraries).

I have the same issue. Any stories I click on take me back to the home page? The Facebook app also doesn’t work well, I can’t post it seems, not that I post a lot but its useful to be able to. Any fixes would be helpful!

Have you read and tried Irinas recommendation?

I had actually re-enabled privacy impact to fix a different app, so it was enabled already, but the BBC app wasn’t working. I actually disabled it and re-enabled it, then ran the BBC news app and it fixed it. A little odd…

My question was directed to @Monkeycymru, though he/she may also have tried it already. Nice to see that it works for you now, though the behaviour is indeed quite strange. Well, I have an idea: Did you install the BBC app after you had re-enabled privacy impact?

I had tried it but tried again today with turning phone off and on again
and it seems to work! Thanks guys.