Battery troubles since update to 1.5.1

Hi there,

just updated my phone to 1.5.1 a few days ago and ever since I’m having trouble with the battery. It drains within just a few hours, e.g. unplugged it around 7:30 this morning, it’s down to 11 % now, at 9. Barely used it: alarm, some messages. Restarted it several times, took out the battery… Whatelse can I do?

I’m also confronted with the re-boot-problem, but that’s been going on from the moment I received it :wink: But the battery draining is new.

What do you see, if you go to Settings/Batterie?

Hold on, I took a screenshot, but can’t uploas it as of now.
Edit: Here it is:

wireless is off. display settings are usually es low as possible, adaptive setting.

Da ist offensichtlich ein echter Fehler in Deinem Telefon - die Kurve sieht ganz danach aus. Hast Du mal an der Batterie gewackelt im Betrieb?

:wink: Habe ich jetzt mal getan. Viel Spielraum ist nicht, darauf hin hat es automatisch rebooted

I have a similar problem since the update. After less than four hours, the battery is down to 52% - without using the phone at all. Wifi is on since I’ve been at home all day long. And the report says wifi has used the most of the battery.

… and you are waiting for me to write to you: [quote=“Spielmops, post:2, topic:20754, full:true”]
What do you see, if you go to Settings/Batterie?
before sending a screenshot?

It’s nice of you to answer… I see the wifi has used the most. Yesterday evening, the battery was almost empty. The phone rarely used. The wifi had used 40% being at home all day long. Summarizing all the numbers, I could only find 70%, which was even more strange.

Then switch Wifi to off.

Any more advice for me?

Yes, look at those two things:

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Thank you! That option was indeed activiated. Let’s hope for the best! :slight_smile:

And when you don’t use the GPS, deactivate it in “settings” and set it first to “device only”, otherwise the wifi will still consume.

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