Battery SoC jumps from 1% to 50% several times in a minute

Hi everyone,

i have got one of the very first FP 2 - so roughly 29 months old and had no bigger problems until now.

Since a few weeks the battery behaves unreasonable. In the last weeks until today there were several times where the battery SoC dropped from something like 50, 60 or 70% to 1%via a second and stayed there. However today it started to behave even more strange - basically dropping to 1% therefore vibrating (warning of nearly empty battery) and directly jumping back up to 50%… And that for several times until I simply removed the battery and restarted the phone. Once restarted SoC was around 46%… I attached a screenshot of the battery monitor as well.

Anyone an idea how to solve this issue? Is this a hardware defect?

Cheers and thanks for every help

Looks odd, please have a look at the #batteryguide, especially point 2 “Wrong charging status”.

Are you still on your first battery? Batteries don’t last forever, perhaps it’s your battery’s way to indicate it wants to retire soon :slight_smile: .

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Thank you AnotherElk,

i checked the ideas on your suggested page. As my battery shows no signs of bloating, only option left from said page was the battery firmware reset. Unfortunally that did not fix the problem as well. I as well resented the complete phone to get back to initial android settings, but that did not help either - faced the jumping SoC again.

My battery is indeed still the original one - so you might be right that maybe it is dying. However that would explain to me the sudden drops from high SoC to 1%, but from my electrical experience a drop to 1% followed by a fast rise back up to the original value looks more like either a measurement error in hard or software or a bad electrical connection. :-/

Anyone another idea?
Thank you for every help in advance

From a logical standpoint, I totally agree.

But if your battery is indeed over two years old now, it can’t hurt to get a replacement. There is a reason Fairphone only grants 1 year of warranty for the battery as opposed to two years for the phone.

And with the replacement battery you could easily check whether the battery causes the problem or not.

Alternatively, if there are #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, perhaps they could help you out with testing the battery.

Fairphone wants to have the battery in stock again in the end of April, popular #resellers seem to have run out of stock in the meantime, too, but you could still search for it if you are in a hurry, or place a request in the #market .

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