Battery search Fairphone 1

I’m searching for a new battery for my Fairphone 1. Can anybody help me?

I am sorry Theodoor.

As member of Fairphone Community, I am manager of Fairphone facebook non-official page in Spain, and I received some days ago a message from a spanish FP1 user asking the same question, and as far as I know, the only way to access to FP1 batteries is the “second market in the forum”.

I’m sorry not to be able to help you,


In my opinion, it is against the Fairphone philosophy that there aren’t batteries available.


The current smartphone industry as a whole is against the Fairphone philosophy. The good news is, however, that they are still trying to produce new FP1 batteries.

I agree that the fact of not having “one part” of the modules of “the product” available at all makes the life of the product “not long at all” (therefore,…not longlastingmobile…)

And I would say that everybody in Fairphone would agree with that. My understanding is that Fairphone team are “walking” as they can. I supose that if they would wait until they can “assure” the capacity to fulfill fully their mission, they would be still thinking and talking with no products in the market yet…

I think that all (we) users are, in part, asuming the risk of “not just being consumers”, but “collaborators of a difficult path”…maybe we should be told about that before taking the risk. I also think that Fairphone team is learning a lot about all these frustrating “dead end” ways, and I supose that “user experience” will be more-and-more be taken into account integrated in the “fair” philosophy of the company.

By now, I support the trial,…although I understand the frustration you might feel.
I’m sorry Theodoor,


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