Battery saving switches off

When and after charging the battery saving automaticaly switches off
(After latest update)

Not sure what your question is, can you explain?

I can recall battery saver going off at least when charging goes above trigger level, but maybe the updates have changed that behaviour a little? Wouldn’t be worried, though, battery saver still seems to work fine.

I could wait a little (now at 45% charge, saver comes at 30%) and see how my battery saver behaves, and tell you, if that helps.


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Did you switch it on yourself or was it switched on automatically because of battery level?
Battery saving can’t be switched on during charging. And it would’t be very useful anyway, the phone is charging.

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can confirm, Saver goes off as soon as charger is plugged in, and cannot be turned on while charging. Seems normal to me, I’d say (if that answers your question?).

thanks, it used to switch on automatically again after charging, it doesn’t anymore

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