Battery related; anyone from hw design team around?

Just curious about the battery. Since I need a significantly higher capacity (I came to FF after years of running a Samsung S5 with a 8000mAh behemoth) I was wondering if

a) is there anything special about the battery format or I could simply install a higher capacity one (of course some soldering/wiring required).

b) related to (a): if I won’t be able to find a “taller” one but a wider one, would the radio be affected if the electronics part is covered by a wider battery?

All of the above go under the assumption that I’m going to hack a slightly different cover.

Hi and welcome to the forum

You can build a battery, or buy one with contacts that match or wiring as you note.

What do you mean by format?

If you want electrical specs, internal charging safeyy circuits etc. you would need to ask Fairphone but I don’t think you’ll get a usefull response.

May be easier to have 2 spare batteries in your pocket or use an external source feeding in via the USB port.

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Hi there, thanks for taking the time.

If you say I can build a battery then I’m setting my hopes high.

By format I mean the actual physical size. You can buy/build a battery which kinda fits in the hole by two dimensions but differs on the third dimension (what I would call higher battery) or just have completely different dimensions so I would have to attach a “dummy” in order to fit the electrical contacts.

Where should I post the question about the electrical specs internal charging circuits? Too bad you think they won’t answer… I was hoping for a more user friendly attitude from them. :slight_smile:

As for the external USB charger that’s exactly what I DO NOT want to do… just another gizmo to take care of. Heck, if I wanted that I would have bought one of the “sealed battery one year lifetime” monstrosities…

Hmm! When I bought my FP3+ in Oct 2020 I asked Fairphone for what I thought was fairly simple info. I wanted to run my phone from a 12V battery via a car type drop to 5V input to the phone. I wanted to know at what values the phone would accept an alterante voltage. I had no direct answer. For a couple of months Fairphone was trying to understand my ‘problem’ I gave up.

The core module has a power chip to communicate via the bottom module using the QC3 protocol for charging. So unless you charge the battery outside of the phone you would have to consider that.

As was my problem, without a AQ3 compliant charger/battery the input was very slow, some 6 hours to charge 3Ah battery (3000mAH)

The phone also communicates with the battery under use, so using a non OEM battery will mess with the phones understanding of the state of the battery.

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