Battery problems (wrong charging status / battery might be dying)

Did you remember to contact support? A bloated battery should be a warranty reason and they should replace the battery.

Same problem here, I can watch the batterystate like a countdown :frowning:
My friend has the same Fairphone-Batch, but not this problem…

My girlfriend with FP1 Software version 1.8 has the same problem.
The only working “solution” for a while is:

  • Turn the phone OFF
  • remove the battery for a while
  • put the battery back in the phone
  • charge it for a few minutes
  • Turn it ON again.


@Tuffi: Could you tell us, which specific problem you mean (e.g. share a link to the problem you are talking about)?

Hallo Stefan.
Sorry for not giving enough infos.
I mean the wrong charging status. Sometimes when she tried to charge the phone, we see the flash in the Battery symbol,but the percentage display didn’t change. When we pull the charger of the phone, the charging level drops down.

Ah, ok! I think this thread is more about percentages dropping all of a sudden.

Maybe the following thread is of interest for you:


battery (of a FP1) has been totally fine, until recently when i’ve noticed it run out of fuel rather more quickly than the percentage decline would indicate (!),

e.g. last night, 30pc remaining, turned on the GPS, went up a hill for about 30mins, at the top, discovered the battery conked out somewhere en route!

might have to buy a new one if this problem persists… unless anybody knows of a way to make the phone better aware of the battery-life decline?

h .

Thank you very much!

from the battery working fine until a month or so ago… this is now happening:

  • the battery life drops off a cliff after 29%-ish:
  • alike the OP, after 13pc -> 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> switch-off!

so as my colleague pointed out to me, my phone is lying to me!!

any ideas as to how to re-calibrate?!

Same battery problem here. :confused:

I tried to charge the switched off phone and it works! Now battery works normal AMD dnt go down from 15% to 0% at 2 min, but of course it would be better to have a posibility to charge it when it switched on also. Thank you a lot!!!

Apparently the calibration is correct (as stated by @keesj elsewhere). It just seems that the batteries’ quality is quite low… Some people reported bloated batteries, and some other posters in this thread suggest, that it started with a wrong charging status.

I think that maybe 25% of the battery’s energy capacity are defunct and cannot provide energy anymore. IMO it’s not a big deal. The worst is a bloated battery, in this case stop using it immediately (it can explode)!!! :warning:

I just got some strange thing happening today: on the way to my job I was listening to music with my Fairphone, the battery was at 47% then a couple minutes later it just stoppedworking. Once at my desk I started recharging it and after a bit I could boot it up again. Is that a defective battery or a wrong percentage (because the phone worked for quite some time without having to recharge it).

I am starting to think that these issues are defective batteries, but having read a bit about warranty claims here, it seems hard to prove it.

I’m having the same problem, probably since i update to Cherry 1.6

My battery is going from 100% to 0% before my cigarette is all burned up.
When i place it back to my charger, its completely full within 2 minutes.

Last night when my phone went dead again, i placed my phone on my charger without turning it on.
But when i woke up, it only charged to 64%.
Turned it on with the charger still connected, and now its back to 100%

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Kann mir jemand sagen, ob es die fairphone batterie in Wien zu kaufen gibt.

:uk: No, you can’t buy the FP battery in Vienna. You can only order it in the shop.

:de: Man kann die FP-Batterie nur im Shop bestellen.

I noticed that the battery only drains from 15% to 0%, when the screen is on. When it’s off the battery doesn’t seem to drain (the phone is still on when checking after some minutes).

Can someone confirm this behavior?

Edit: It could be that it’s the display, which causes the battery drain.

No. My battery is one step further: drains regularly to 60% drops to 30% in some minutes and then dies.

I ordered a new one (1 year for a battery. None of my previous phones did it that fast. At that rate I expect that I’ll have to order 2 more batteries during the life-time of the phone. This messes up the ecological footprint of the FP)


My FP also starts at higher percentages with draining, but the question was if it makes a difference if you keep the screen off?