Battery problems & crash on calls

Hi everyone!

I’m experiencing some problems with my FP2, with openos, that are starting to annoy me.

Since the beginning, couple of months ago, my battery uses to drain very fast, i.e. listening to some music making some calls and some internet browsing is enough to fully discharge the phone in less then a day. Also, I use to set the brightness pretty low so to avoid to drain too much battery and I am not able to understand what is the reason of this problem since in the battery stats is almost everything under “miscellaneous”.

Another problem that arose more recently is that the phone crashes very often when I make calls. This started to happen out of nowhere, I mean not after a system update or the installation of some apps, and is pretty annoying. Sometimes it just says: Impossible to make the call and I have to restart the phone, some other times it completely crashes.

So I wanted to know if someone experienced the same kind of problems and has found some kind of solution before contacting the support.


My phone works properly. Anyway I would recommend you to recall which specific app you have installed after when these crashed started.
Usually it is not an OS update causing troubles, but the one or the other app starting to “Mr. Smith” keeping your cpu of power save mode. Is your phone rooted ?

Maybe you had apps auto-updated implementing this issue. Try the elimination method and disable or de-install suspicious apps.

There are useful apps available which can check on your cpu and temperature state. Take a look into this setting-battery area.

As many things run in the background it is a bit time consuming to track down the cause of your troubles.
Good luck