Battery problem - battery status jump down and up, for example from 50 to 100 %

Hi, my battery status is unpredictable jumping down and up. In one moment I have baterry at for example 70% and in moment it jumps at 50% or even lower. In few minutes it is back on 70% (without charging). One month before it was happening rarely, but now it is happening several times in a day. And it can jump to 10%, get drained before my eyes, switch off by itself and when I switch it on it had again 70%. I use 70% as example butit happens at any charging status. Usually it jumps down to 50%, but it is not like that every time. Do you think that it could be solved by buying new battery? I got my phone little wet and I had to let it dry for few days and after that is started happening more often than before. Thanks for any insight.

Have you cleaned the battery-to-phone-connectors? Maybe there is some dust in it which could decrease the power ourput of the battery.

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You may also want to check there isn’t any damage to the battery. If the battery appears to be swollen or bloated (this can be difficult to spot - try putting it on a flat surface and see if it is easy to spin it round, if it spins easily then it might be bloated) then the battery is failing and needs to be replaced.


Have you read the #batteryguide ? There are several hint about the battery (how to check and reset).

I tried it and found no swelling or damage.

Thanks for answer. I cleaned connectors very carefully this time and problem is gone!

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