Battery only charging when the phone is off

I was charging my phone on a train when I’ve got a message saying that my phone was overheated and that I needed immediately to plug it off. That never occurred before! Since that, I am not able to charge my fairphone when it’s on, I need to turn it off and charge it. Someone has a solution for that?

This is a very weird behaviour, but it might be caused by a software issue (given that your phone charges when the OS is not loaded). You should make a thorough #dic:backup and try if a #dic:hardreset solves your issue.

It’s really funny, but with my phone it is quite the other way around.

When it’s off, charging is very low and leads to overheating the phone; on turning it on, the charging is smooth and the temperatur drops back to normal. It’s equally weird although way more easy to live with, as I just can keep the phone working.

Sorry, I know that is of no help to you, but I guess you should try what @Stefan has suggested.
Just an idea: Have you installed some app lately (before the problem occured), that might cause this problem?
If so, you could try to uninstall it again to check if the problem lies that way, before doing the hard reset.

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