Battery on my new FP2 lasts for less than 6 hours

Hi there. I have my FP2 now for four days and today used it for the first time at my work. This morning I hooked of the phone at 08:00 AM (100% charged) and to my surprise it was completely empty at 01:30 Pm. I used Internet for 20 minutes and the phonecalls for in total 30 minutes. It was the first time I put on Bluetooth and connected it to my carset.

I have almost apps running. Microsoft Outlook since Exchange does not work) This evening I charged it again and within 2 hours I lost 30% battery life without using the phone. (see attachment).

I do not think this is normal. What are your experiences with battery life? What can I do to find the cause?

See #batteryguide


Indeed, check the #batteryguide

I think your phone missed some automatical initial adjusting by charging / discharging. For me, the phone lasts for 2 days with moderate to low usage (especially during the day), and one day for normal usage.

Running wifi consumes more power than just radio, the official Facebook app is a known battery drainer, for mail I use R2Mail2 (I don’t care about Exchange compatibility). My company mobile complains a lot about Skype consuming too much battery. So I really avoid also Microsoft software in general on my personal phone. But I understand the need.


Thank you I checked #batteryguide and saw some possible solutions. I will try those.


I had similar battery issues, recalibrating the proximity sensor as suggested here: Screen stops working during phone calls since new update fixed the problem for me…


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