Battery needed for Fairphone 1

I’ve used Fairpone 1 for 4 years with much pleasure and would like to continue. However, the battery needs to be replaced. Does anyone know if I can buy this battery somewhere? Then I’d like to know. That would be great.
Annette, Amsterdam NL

The :mag: search function of the forum is your friend! :slight_smile:

-> Fairphone 1 battery specs and facts

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Thanks but… I dont intend to open my battery, I would just like to get a new one…

Please click on the link and read the post.

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hi Annette, somewhere on the forum I found a suggestion I followed: this summer I bought Huawei HB5N1H accu (1800 mAh) at, € 18,00. It’s a bit smaller then the original but I used a small tie rib to keep it in place (as was one of the suggestions in the thread, see there for instructions). Works ok! Good luck!

Thanks Stefan. Lots of warnings…sounds tricky…

Interesting Herm, thank you.
So when you bought it this summer, means that you’ve used it without problems for 4 months? I’m a little careful after all the warnings on the site above. However, this battery is mentioned several times and as there is no alternative I might try.
Thanks for telling about your experience, that’s what counts now…
Cheers, Annette

This is from a former Fairphone employee:

That said, I also used the Electropapa battery for some months. We have also passed on, I guess, about 20 of those batteries to other Faiphoners in Austria ( and I recently ordered 6 more. Haven’t heard about problems from them.

OK good to hear you also dared to use another battery Stefan. However, I can’t find the electropa battery specifics in the detailed webpage above and have ordered the Huawei battery for 18 euro. We’ll see. Hopefully NOT to be continued (-; meaning it’ll work fine…Thanks again.
Have a great weekend!

For future reference:

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Hi Bertus. Is this also the Huawei battery that is one cm shorter than the Fairphone battery? I already have it and would still prefer one that fits as the Huawei battery needs tp be adjusted with all sorts of stuff…

Thanks Annette

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Klinkt goed Bertus!! Ja als je een directe link hebt graag…opdat ik geen foute bestelling doe.



Hier heb je één van twee foto’s Annette. Één van de batterij en één van de FP1 die ik gisteren rond 23:00 had opgeladen. Ik ben zeer tevreden over deze batterij.

Met vriendelijk groet, Bertus

Hartelijk dank Bertus! Zouden meer fairphone 1 gebruikers mogen weten.

Mvg Annette

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