Battery Management - Optimising Lifetime


I would like to know, how is managed the battery charging? In Fairphone 2.

I have done research on Li-ion batteries during my Msc and I know it shouldn’t be fully charged / discharged. Have you provided a safety rank not to use the battery over its relevant limits (meaning a depth of discharge from 90% to 10% only)?

It would maximise its lifetime.
Hope it isn’t an old topic.

Yours sincerely,


sorry for the late reply.
You’ll find some tips for optimizing battery lifetime in the #batteryguide.
You are right that fully charging is not good - in fact it’s supposedly best to have the battery charged between 40% and 80% at all times (numbers vary in different sources).
There is no safety feature on the Fairphone to keep you from fully charging or discharging the phone - you’ll have to check yourself that the LED doesn’t show red or green color to stay out of the “bad zones”. You can also enable the battery saver to auto start at 15% to get an additional visual feedback to the existing “mood background” on the lockscreen.

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