Battery Life on FP3

When I first got my FP3 last year, I was surprised at how the battery lasted for 3 days. I had a Moto G7 Power which is based on the same chipset and it would only last 2 days, even though it had a bigger battery.

However, after a firmware update this battery time slipped and it became 2 days.

I’m on /e/ now and battery life is more like a day and a half.

Has anyone else noticed this with the stock firmware and battery?

Updates sometimes install application that query when you are using them and what others apps are being used at the same time. This may then trigger a wifi/internet/data connection which will put added strain on the battery.
You should be able to see what is using the power and have some control over it.

a) Battery > three dots > Battery usage
and again three dots > Show full device usage

b) Developer options > Don’t keep activities

Hi thanks for the reply. As a developer I am aware of all the methods to tracking battery life. What I know is that the configuration of the FP3 and the apps installed on it did not change. Usage likewise did not change.

I’m curious what kind of battery life other FP3 users see as normal. I always though 3 days on a charge was unheard of, and so even getting only 2 or 1, is no problem. Just wondering really what happened between updates that caused the increase so much.

Well, it is difficult to compare battery life because of different user behavior. But I am always on 3 days or even more using /e/

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That’s excellent. I’m /e/ as well. I’m using netguard and fairmail which both run constantly but according to the battery readings are not really impacting battery life. It is odd.

Just knowing that 3 days is possible (I mean you are using your phone through out the day) is good enough.

Loaded yesterday my phone again after 6 days of use! have to admit that I do no have telcons but I use every day for about 1 hour GPS-tracking with FitoTrack from F-Droid and more than 1 hour daily I listen to music.

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I am happy to report that I figured it out and back on /e/ with 3 plus days of battery life. You need to display standby mobile data in developer options. This was the main thing that got me battery life. This helps especially at night when connected to wifi. I loose only 3-5% during the night while sleeping.

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