Battery is charging very very slow - brand new FP3


Since a few days I own a FP3 now. As we all know, it doesn’t come with a charger. I had no usb-C charger yet, so I bought a cable. Adapters I already have obviously. So I tried the first time charging, but it is hardly charging at all (30% in over 12 hrs). The same goes for the laptop. And, I see only the led light turning red/orange when connected to the charger, no other signs of charging. The adapters seem to be the right ones, the output is 5V/2.0A.

Does anyone know what the issue can be, and how to solve it?
Thanks, Marjon

Hi there and welcome to the community!
Did you check the #batteryguide? Plenty of useful tips.
Did you try another cable and charger?
You can check this thread for more info about slow charging:

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you are going to need a charger that officially supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 and a corresponding USB C fast charging cable that is USB IF certified.

If you find Fairphone’s official accessories to expensive, there are plenty of alternatives at Amazon and Co.

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Thanks, I found the solution indeed. The charging devices I had were ‘too old’ voor this way of smart charging. Now I bought the right equipment and can finally charge.
I really had no idea about this new standard, so I was happy not to receive a charger with the phone but now I had to buy one anyway…

Best wishes, Marjon

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