Battery indicator behaviour erratic


A small problem I have noticed, which would probably deserve a contacting support if the community does not come out with suggestions.

I have been having a problem with the battery indicator recently: after the the usual cleaning of the sensor (so unmounting the screen), the led was starting to glow in yellow (to indicate charge), then green, though the cable was not plugged in. Also, the battery status on the screen could change brutally from full to 80, to 50, then full again. I have noticed that touching the screen could provoke these changes.
So, I reopened, clean the connectors, closed the phone again, then, it was not solved, so I tried to leave the battery out a one hour, them charge again. After each of these manipulations, the charging status seems fine, but the problem is ultimately coming back.

Thanks for your patience and benevolence,

Best wishes,


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