Battery history details says: "GPS on", but it was switched OFF all the time

Hi there.

I am having this somewhat scary issue with my phone.

If I hit the “battery monitor” to see what is using up my battery and I then hit the graph on top to see “history details”, it says that by GPS has been on all day (I have tested this on various occasions). But in my settings I had swiched off the GPS all the time and I am not granting any apps access to my location.

How is this possible? How can I find out what is turning on and using my GPS? Or is this a bug?

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thanks a lot for any input.



Iirc there just recently has been a post in a topic where someone has stated that there are apps making use of the location service in a way without it being active. I cannot find the corresponding post atm. Maybe you are lucky using the search option or someone else can recall.

Correct, some apps keep a lock on GPS even when running on background. But the location pin icon is always visible in this case. Battery history/stats is also known to be buggy and to invert status sometimes for long periods until reset.

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And Lollipop had this bug. I guess this should be fixed now for Marshmallow.

Not really, at least in the FP Open OS I caught it a few times inverting Wi-Fi status. Didn’t notice it with GPS though.

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Aha, you said it. The Wi-Fi bug finally held me off from upgrading to Marshmallow. My handset runs pretty well and long per charge. But surely I don´t need such sensitive setting being altered without my knowledge (and draining the battery after all).
A user here reported having experienced that Wi-Fi was activated although he was most confident that he had deactivated it.
I guess I can wait for Nougat to arrive and see what it has to offer for me.

What I noticed however is that Wi-Fi wasn’t really activated, it’s that battery history showed it as activated when it shouldn’t and it wasn’t.

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