Battery FP3 suddenly bad

Since one week my battery suddenly needs charging once a day. I bought my FP3 in June 2020 and it has worked perfectly since. I did not download any new app, have used it in the same way for months, and now suddenly this…?
Anyone else with this sudden problem?

There are a number of possibilities. What OS and version are you using and you can monitor the battery usage to set what is draining it. Maybe you have the bluetooth or wifi on which you didn’t before any old apps get updated and can change their background and wifi use etc.

it is also important not to discharge and recharge fully as this exhausts the battery.

You can also check the battery status via dialling *#*#66#*#*
Select Service tests > Test single > Battery status check. You can check whilst charging or not.

if you can provide more info it may be possible to find out what is going on.

You can also take screen shots of the usage as in this post although referring to Android 9 it is a good view and action.


I suppose you’ve tried to just restart the device to see if that changes battery life back to normal?


Thank you. I try not to charge full, 80% and not to discharge either. I have FP3, Android-version 10. I do not know how to monitor the battery usage to set what is draining it, but I will try…
Three days:

Yes, that was the first thing I did. But nothing changed I’m afraid.
Thank you!

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I’m curious that the Messages app is taking so much battery… compared to the Radio Play app for instance. Have you tried, on top of a restart, a harder reboot?

I’d also recommend testing the battery health as @amoun mentioned

Another option may be to go through some steps that Fairphone has on their “Maximize battery” page or the troubleshooter

To stop the night drain switch to aeroplane mode when you sleep. Ensure bluetooth is off until you want to use it, and of course don’t have the wifi on when you know you have a good network signal.

Turn of NFC, Location etc. and any auto updates on apps. All these things will regularly connect via your network or wifi for updates etc.

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I am with the same Problem. I recommend the FP helpdesk they guided me through all the possibilities. Finally I had to send it into the repair. I am expecting my FP3 back in 2 days. Hope the problem will be sollved.


Thank you so much. I will do all of this. Very grateful!

Battery was changed, didn´t help at all. Had to send it in again, came back with new motherboard. Worked perfectly for 2 weeks. Then the same problems acurred. Installed the AccuBattery app as recommended here in the forum. Results that it´s not getting into deep sleep. Contacted the service today AGAIN. I amso fed up!! Just want a working phone :frowning:

You may have read/written that wrong. Deep sleep is what you don’t want so what you have written is what you do want.

Lithium-ion cells don’t like to be discharged below their over discharge voltage, usually between 2.5 and 2.75 volts at the most. Below that and the cell goes to “sleep” or is so dead it won’t take a charge anymore, and if you do manage to get charge in it, the capacity will be so low that it’s unusable.

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