Battery drop from 60% to 0% in one minute

Hi everyone,

While using the camera to flash a barcode my battery drop from 60% to 0 in one minute (I was struggeling to catch the barcode). It’s not the first time this happend, especially when the phone get hot but.

My FP2 phone and battery are more that 2 years old, do you think buying a new one will solve the issue ?
And yes, I have read the battery guide.

It could also be the barcode reading app. Is this reproducible with that app? If so, try a different one and check that battery consumption.
I have had a couple of battery hungry apps on my device. They simply were programmed in a very bad way, using up lot’s of CPU and thus draining the battery.

Did you try the battery reset? I’m no expert, but I think a jump from 60% to 0% in one minute is physically impossible unless there is a hardware defect - so this is most likely a information issue: At least one of the values must have been wrong.

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Thanks for your replies !

@DietmarP About the app, I notice this happend most of the time with CPU consuming apps. But for that barcode app, I need it for work so i don’t have the choice to use it time to time. Same for GPS apps, I just need one to not get lost, and the smoothest ones are the CPU consuming ones.
@paulakreuzer the battery reset works for a while, but after some time the battery start to do weird thinks again.

At that point I am ready to buy a new battery, my question is to know if a new battery will bring more stability or the problem is elsewhere.

Okay, so then we know it’s not some app or something else draining the battery.
I’d say it’s most likely the battery than, but I don’t think there is a way to know for sure unless you can get a hand on a different battery to test for a few days.

I didn’t manage to borrow a battery, I think I will order a new one and then give some feedback here.

So it have been a month since I received the the battery. Since then every things is way better, the battery act normal now without crazy drop to 0%. And the battery life is back on track.

I can’t explain it, but it also look likes that the phone is not getting as hot as before. Maybe is because the old battery was getting hot also ? or it’s just that we are in winter times …

In conclusion, new batteries are not expensive and changing it can make your phone last even longer.

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