Battery drains fast and gets hot when loading

Because my old battery needed loading twice a day, I recently bought a new battery. This one lasts a day by non-heavy usage. I doubt if that should not be longer for a new battery? But I also notice that the phone gets quite warm when loading the battery. I cannot remember this happened with the previous battery. Might there be another problem, not battery-related?

Also, maybe or maybe not related, I find the phone real slow: starting some apps (e.g. Outlook, Signal, but also Chat) takes 10-30 seconds.

Help, suggestions appreciated!

My usual first suggestion here: How full is Settings > Storage? I would keep at least 10-20% free.

If this isn’t a problem on your FP2, you might want to look into specific apps “running wild” (permanently active without being in actual use). For a start, you can have a look at Settings > Battery > Battery usage (three dots in the top right) and Show full device usage (three dots again).

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Thanks urs_lesse. My storage is 56% full and my battery management says that apps are run normally. So these both seem OK…?

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One question: presume you use the same charger, but old and new battery have same Volt, Ohm and so on?
About the duration of the charge, I’ve read elsewhere that change battery might need a calibration (charge 100%, use it until phone turn off).

If you still have the old battery, could you try reinserting it and seeing if the problem persists?

@jobal Will drain the battery and then charge to 100% a couple of times. See what happens.
I haven’t checked yet, but would expect that the specs of the battery are the same as the old ones - since I bought this new battery from Fairphone as an FP2-battery…

Hello. Have some news about the problem?

No change, alas.
Battery still lasts less than a day.
When I restart at approx 50% (which I have to do occasionally to have the phone find 4G again - new Sim-card did not help there), the battery is below 10% after having restarted.

Specs of new battery are same as old one. Draining and then fully charging a couple of times has not had noticeable effect. No apps that are running amok.

I’m currently annoyed by a similar behavior: Phone gets extremely hot while charging but also without charger connected the phone is not exactly cold. On my googled phone I realized that the photo gallery (app “Fotos”) does generate quite some stress, so I first deleted its cache and then killed this application. Afterwards the phone’s temperature decreased and charging could proceed. No app was listed as battery-hungry, however Fotos was listed on second place after my browser in terms of energy consumption. Maybe it’s worth checking that list again? Nevertheless I’m with you about the battery life of that phone, it’s not exactly much…


I had a similar problem with my FP2 running on LOS 17.1. In my case the Nextcloud app was the culprit.
My solution, however, was a factory reset & clean upgrade to LOS 18.1 and reinstallation of my apps. Probably removing the Nextcloud app would also have done the trick, but since I wanted to do the OS upgrade anyway I took the chance.
For my normal usage pattern the battery lasts about two days again when it lasted less than one day before.


@Martin_Anderseck For me the Fotos app does only contribute to 1% of the battery usage - I do not suspect that for the situation on my phone.
@BeMiGro I am increasingly inclined to also do the factory reset, but the reinstallation and configuration of all apps is still keeping me hesitant.

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Perfectly fine, that was only my current example, it can be any other app that is going wild.
And I guess what you’re thinking of is a factory reset, not a battery reset. And while I totally understand why you’re hesitant, such resets give you the chance to reflect what you really need on your phone and leave away the things that you don’t.
I have limited the background activity of my Fotos app for now because it kept becoming alive again and then heating my phone. I need to check what this means for automatic backups of my photos and in the end it might lead me to a factory reset but - surprisingly - I’m hesitant, too :wink:

Factory reset, yes - corrected it in my earlier reply.
I agree with your remark of it giving a chance of rethinking what is really valuable on the phone - I have 102 apps of which I hardly use a quarter regularly. Hmm

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