Battery drain Fairphone 2

Hi !

I have 2 Fairphone 2 and only one battery. When putted in one of the two phones the battery acts normally however in the second phone the battery drains in a few minutes, so the problem obviously cames from the phone.

What could I do to solve this problem ?

Are there different apps on the 2 phones ? Try “adb shell” and use the top command to see if there are processes with high CPU load. Or have a look at settings / battery if some apps cause high battery usage …


It sounds like the battery contacts may be at issue. After the second phone drains the battery, is it still empty when you insert it back in the first phone?


Both phones are exactly the same, I did a factory reset on both of them.

The battery was at 35% on the first one, I putted it in the second one and the battery dropped to 18% in a minute. I putted it back again in the first one and the battery came back to 33% and it doesn’t drain abnormally

That means it’s probably not actually draining the battery; it’s just not making good contact. It’s a fairly common issue in FP2s of a certain age. Try giving the gold contacts that contact the battery a clean with some alcohol on a cotton bud; if that doesn’t work,you can try inserting a battery shim to squeeze the battery against the gold contacts.

Here’s an illustration of where the shim’s supposed to go. You can use some tape or just a folded up piece of paper, see if it makes a difference.


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