Battery does not charge anymore

Hello everyone !

I have a FP1U and I have a pb with the battery. It does not charge anymore. I have bought a new battery, thinking that the FP battery was down, but the new one does not charge either.
The battery image do have the flash picto inside, so the phone see that it is (normally) charging, but the battery level of charge does not increase. And if i use the phone while it is charging, the level of the battery decrease.

So, this problem does not come from the battery, as I have the same pb with the old and the new one. Any idea ?

Thanks a lot !

Unfortunately that sounds like the USB port on the motherboard might be broken.
You could try to get it fixed in a #localrepairshop, or see if you can get a working motherboard in the #market or from nearby #fairphoneangels.

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Tks for your answer @paulakreuzer !

I tried to contact a fairphone angel near me to know if he can hel

Have a nice day !

You meight wanna consider selling the broken motherboard, because there are always people like me that do component level board repair. And if it just the USB port that would be an easy fix, otherwise it could be charging IC, which would be difficult , because there are no schematics.

Tks Leo!
Is it a way to know if the pb comes from usb or charging ic ?
The charging icon (flash) that shows when I plug my phone, even if the phone does not charge, is it a way to know where the pb comes from ?

Thks for your help !

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You can try an other bottom module or measure the voltage at the battary before and after charging or try an other battary. The Fairephone Angels should have some modules to try if it is the bottom module or the battary. Charging ICs usually don’t die that easily, so I think it is the bottom module

@Leo_TheCrafter This is about FP1. :grin: No modules here unfortunately…

OK, but still, if it is the USB, it can be replaced quite easily, even with a normal soldering Iron.

It can be, but even the #localrepairshop in Vienna now refuses it because the place is too crammed around the USB connector and there were many reclamations.

Maybe I can fix it, because I have a hotair station, so space doesn’t matter too much. I even repair Iphones.

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I wondering if its economical to send (USB connector) broken motherboards around, but there are quite a lot and maybe you could even make some money of it if it is a sustainable repair.

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If there are a lot it makes it a lot more economical, because that can cover the shipping costs for the USB connectors.

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