Battery connector compatible with FP4

Hi all,

I am looking for a connector that is compatible with the FP4 battery as I wish to use it as part of a battery charger that I have designed. Does anyone know of one - either the actual part Fairphone use, or a compatible one?

To be clear I am talking about the connector with the four gold blades that you can see in the back of the phone when you take the battery out.


Typical universal chargers use two contacts (spring contacts?), one for + and one for - which can slide to the correct positions to match not only the FP4 battery but virtually all other proprietary battery interfaces as described here:

Hope that helps.

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Did you manage to find the connector eventually? Creating a airpods like charging case for the FP4 battery - #4 by amoun. I made this post half a year back with no success as well.

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I only found some from TE Connectivity but have not chosen a suitable one. Then someone here posted a link to the Fairphone 4 schematics(!!) and I did look for the part in there. I must admit I haven’t had the time to pursue the project due to other committments.

Your Alibaba link looks promising though.

My measurement suggest that the pitch of the blade pin connector is 2mm. As long as a connector is able to match that it should be possible to use it for the battery case.

Sounds good. I’m pretty sure there must be a few good options at that pitch.

I think it would be great to have an option to charge the FP4 battery
without requiring the phone at all.

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