Battery charging to 100 %?

Good evening,

I am about to buy a FP2 (refurbished) as regularly sold out…

To avoid future problems to the battery, I would like to know:

To which percentage should the battery be charged for a maximum long life?

In general, some experts say, the battery should be charged to 100 %, others say to a maximum value of 90 %.

Which is the best for FP2?

Kind regards from Vienna

Following advice in #batteryguide it’s best to keep charging levels between 40% and 80% .

Also, you might have a look here: and whereabouts

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No expert ever says “to 100%” if you want to maximize battery life. The closer to 70%, the longer the battery life will last. Keeping it between 30-70% will make the battery last 10 times as long as to 100% (but most batteries aren’t actually charged to 100% even when 100% is displayed on your screen).

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Just recently after 3,5 years of usage I ordered a new FP2 battery. I already had two alternating in use, but one of them (probably the one shipped in the phone) did show some wear.
After this time it would still last a day depending on usage, nevertheless the new battery seems to have no sweat at all to last a day even with average usage of the phone.
I did use the full energy stored and every now and then until it was spent and then recharged it over night up to ~100%. I have done this with both batteries. Anyway the two oldest are still strong enough to get you through the day. There is no significant decrease in performance. Now with the new one in the cycle it’s only like having to charge once a day or every second day.
Quality is an issue here too and for my judgement I would say FP did choose a proper battery quality level.
Only one other manufacturer I can think of always delivering proper, long lasting batteries for its devices is Sony.

I normally charge my FP2 over night to 100%. It’s still the first battery (since February 2016) and lasts one day.

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