Battery charging readings

This is text from a post I’m moving from this topic as it was getting to be a bit off topic??


Did you get to do a system test?
Can you otherwise test the voltage
At 99% the battery should near 4.3V
at 80% over 3.85v

Here’s my battery status as I type (for an FP3)

Confusing figures, absolutely.

Maybe my contribution here is a bit off topic as it relates to the recordings of an FP3 but the issue is about the recorded data, the accuracy of which infers some data on real battery life and it’s not clear at all how accurate the readings are.

They may indicate something but are not sensibly accurate.
Again I note this is an FP3 I’m using and I’m sure the recordings are not ‘stable’

I have an even graph drop for two days, from 95% to 5%, yet the total battrey usage is less tha 50% and I know the amount of time I’ve used the phone, screen etc to be way more than is shown on the ‘app’

Still it doesn’t really effect the use ?? :slight_smile:



So maybe the 80% is the cut off period for deciding what is a full charge, though I did say 90%.

I will try and pay more attention to the state of my battery to confirm.


89% doesn’t invoke full charge
90% does invoke full charge and wiped all battery usage data, as it records usage since last ‘full’ charge ??

Odd is that only from 89% to currently 97% does it show battery ‘Charging rapidly’ ???

OK no more updates on this ‘experiment’ at 97%
Battery voltage under load, network, screen, test app is 4.3V (4.299)

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