Battery bigger than 2400mAh

I am very frustrated for the small capacity of the battery, which at the moment is my only complaint about FP2.

I looked in the usual shops for new producers of FP2 batteries and find some, but no one bigger than the 2400mAh of the original one.

Of course I carry several batteries with me, but having to recharge them every day twice I consider it not a good option. I would like to go to sleep charging the phone and find it charged, not having to replace the spare battery overnight to have it next day available.

For me, it is a main concern when recommending people buying a Fairphone. Many people (like me) doesn’t like powerbanks, and having a modular phone without an option of a bigger battery is nonsensical. It should be the easier part to improve.

Any plans to have a new battery model or to help/push manufacturers to create a new one?

Whould be incredibly appreciated and FP2 would be a lot more recommendable, which I would really like to do :))

Thanks a lot!!!

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Are you saying you are changing the battery in the phone in the middle of the night to get a second battery charged? That’s what external universal battery chargers are there for.

Or are you saying you charge the phone in the evening, and then it drains battery so bad over night that you have to replace the battery with a spare one in the morning? That would be not normal … see #batteryguide .

That’s probably what Samsung thought until their batteries exploded :slight_smile: . Stuff can be complicated.

But I guess we can agree on that a bigger battery would be nice.


The basic challenge here is: (Physical) battery size roughly equals battery capacity. In other words: You would need more space in the FP2 for a bigger battery. Realistically, this could only be achieved if you equipped the FP2 with a significantly thicker case (or one with a hunch).

I actually think focussing on the demand side makes more sense. Identifying apps running wild or sucking too much energy as well as giving LineageOS a try can help with making the FP2 last longer on one battery charge. I would generally suspect all things Google as a major battery sucker as well. If Google services connect to an Android phone up to 300 times a day, it’s inevitable that you pay not just with your data, but also with your phone’s energy.

After all, for a smartphone the (screen) size of the FP2, the battery isn’t that small. Apple’s iPhone Xs (which has a 5.8 inch screen) includes a battery that has just 10% more capacity than the Fairphone’s.


Afaik there are no such plans (but I might be wrong). I felt as frustrated as you do so I created this solution over here:

Certainly not perfect, but it does the job.

@urs_lesse is right though that the best approach for battery life extension is current drain optimization.
The screen really drags a lot of current (size and power), imho the cpu heats a lot when doing graphic rendering btw, permanent background data uses current too…



I can confirm. Since I use Fairphone Open OS 19.02.1 with Apps from F-Droid store and Signal only (no Play- or Yalp Store), my battery lasts for 1,5 day (depends on how heavily I am surfing with Fenec Browser on my phone).


Thanks a lot to everybody for your thoughts and experiences.

I tried the open OS just after buying my FP2 3 years ago. But i got really hard to abandon Google services. I promise i tried hard, but calendars and everything is quite dificult to disconnect from the world.

I am readyfor giving a new try to the Open OS and F-Droid if that also mean an improve on the battery to 1,5 days.

What about Telegram a part from Signal? Maybe that would be enaugh for me.


El dj., 14 març 2019, 10:16, Christian Imhorst via Fairphone Community Forum va escriure:

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Hi Enric,

I can understand your problem and I used Google services as much as possible in the past but their a excellent alternatives these days:

Btw.: Tutanota has the best Inbox-like email app imho and you can find the app at F-Droid.

Sorry, I cannot say much about Telegram, I am just using Signal. The advantage of Signal is that it can exchange your SMS app so you don’t have one more app. You can write SMS or a Signal message.

That’s strange, because on my FP 2 with Open OS Signal sucks very much battery power, more than twice as much as Telegram. I have tried different settings on Signal, but that didn’t fix that issue. Signal is a very good app, but unfortunately I had to uninstall it and to still use Telegram.

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