Battery and camera issues


I’ve noticed over the last few days that battery isn’t lasting all day. It shows a constant steady drop over about 11 hours, until when it reaches about 40%, then it dives over the course of a few minutes and the phone turns off when it runs out of charge. Any suggestions as to why? And anything that I can do before I buy a new battery?

I’ve also had on-off (more on than off recently…) problems with the camera. Bascially about 50% of the time that I want to take a photo it gives the error “Camera error Can’t connect to the camera” when I try to use the Camera app. Previously I’ve managed to get the camera to work more often by taking the camera module out then screwing the screws for the camera back in again really tightly. I’ve just tried using Open Camera and that does seem to work (at the moment!).


Plenty. Did you search “battery drain” or something similar in the search function of this forum?
Did you check the #batteryguide? There are plenty pf useful tips.

Do a few searches. Try suggestions from people. Contact a #fairphoneangel to test a battery. Install an app like AccuBattery to test the health and capacity of your battery.

You could contact a #fairphoneangel to test another camera module.

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How old is the battery?
Fairphone give the Fairphone 2 batteries 1 year to function correctly.

Many batteries will last longer, of course, but just saying.


I had a leaking battery once in my old feature phone that showed the same symptoms. Fortunately, the liquid did not destroy any electronic part inside the phone, and I was able to organize a new battery to exchange the old one.

Thanks for that. I’ve had a look through the first battery thread just now, but this had resolved itself within a week.

#fairphoneangels sound like a great idea! Unfortunately to get to my nearest one the train ticket is about the same price as the new camera module. I really like the idea though, nice one! And thank you for suggesting it, I’ll keep it in mind.

It’s a shame the modules are out of stock, but I’ve just set up an email alert so hopefully I’ll be able to get another one soon (I think I’d prefer to wait for the 12MP one).

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