Bad Wifi signal

I sometimes have a really bad wifi signal or none at all, when other devices near me have full connection.

This also happens when I’m less than 5 meters from the access point.

My laptop for example has no issues there.

This also happens with the fairphone of my dad. So it is not just my device.

No problem here, Wi-Fi signal is stronger than with my previous HTC One X.

I am currently 1 meter from the access point and have about half signal strength.

Is it only the WiFi connection that is bad, or is the mobile network connection also affected?

I don’t know, since I do not have a reference for the mobile connection

What type of router are you using related to the protocol type. Rather an older model or a newer type?
Does this show generally or when bluetooth is activated as well?
Is your phone connected by the 2,4GHz or 5GHz band?

How about other networks from neighbors, are there any active maybe overlapping/interfering your signal?

Have you also tested the phones connectivity when all other devices are switched off?

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