Bad telephone connection

Is it possible that there is something wrong with my FP3, because my phone connection to the mobile network is really bad. With my old Galaxy Note 3 it is even better.
The problem is that mobile connection in the place where I live is weak but with a newer device it should be better than with a very old one I think.

Regards Jan

Which operator do you have and in which country do you live?

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KPN Mobile.
Halle, Achterhoek, Netherlands

Could it be that your SIM card is to old and needs a replacement?

Is it possible that a SIM card can be to old?
And there is something else.
Sometimes I’m using a Oneplus 6 with the same card. This phone has a much better mobile reception on my location.
That is also one of the reasons of my question to you.
To be sure I ordered a new SIM card.

Are you able to see what type of network connection you have in Settings > About the phone > Status > SIM card status > Type of mobile network?

Hello Albert,
Thanks for your message.
Mobile network type is LTE.

Signal strength -125 dBm 18 asu

Yes, SIMs deteriorate. Spoke to someone from KPN lately and he confirmed.

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Okay, we will see tomorrow when my new SIM arrives

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