Bad sound quality (due to noise canceling?)

I have a problem with the sound quality during phone calls with the FP4: Other people complain about the sound quality (underwater-like and sometimes “choppy” sound).

Disabling microphone permissions for Google as suggested in this topic did not help.
Also The microphone test (##2886##) showed that all three microphones worked.
The Software is updated (FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920)

I have now done the following call tests with fp4 on an iPhone:

  1. phone call from fp4 from within a quiet room with no ambient noise:
    ->sound quality is fine
  2. phone call with fp4 from the same room making irregular noises while speaking (knocking, scratching against cabinet door):
    ->sound quality is choppy, the speaker is barely understandable
  3. phone call with fp4 next to running dishwasher (continuous moderate ambient noise):
    ->sound impaired, muffled, the speaker is barely understandable

(I paid attention to not cover any of the 3 microphones with my hand/fingers.)

The same test with inversed phones worked way better: the speaker was well understandable in all three cases

My guess: ambient noise filtering does not work properly on fp4 (software issue?).
Can anyone confirm/reproduce something similar on his fp4? Can we turn off the noise canceling during calls (as a workaround), or is there even a (real) solution?

Thanks so much and kind regards

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