Bad checksum for Fairphone OS switch image

I’m not sure if this is proper for discussion on forum but I’m using the OS download site trying to download the Fairphone OS switcher to switch from Fairphone open back to the Fairphone OS.
But the sha256sum and md5sum are different than the site provides and I downloaded the file twice.
To give you an idea, the downloaded file has sha256sum: 182df1043b07c571bae1159e9e499f0f2727a22b9d9b1a18976bbd705813aa50
and md5sum: ecdacaca5b01863c29c90181196a0dc6

Are the checksums on the site outdated?

I can confirm your check sums. Probably/Hopefully you’re right and they’re just outdated. I’d suggest that you contact fairphone (as this is just the community forum), to get it fixed.


Thank you, I will inform them.

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Problem solved.
The checksum was outdated…


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