Backup Whatsapp after Kola Nut 1.8.5. Storage Upgrader fails

Hi there,

I just installed the Kola Nut 1.8.5. Storage Upgrader after I backupped my personal files and the Whatsapp app. I recovered these files to my phone and everything went ok (except of some contacts being shown 6 times in a row, maybe suggestions for this too?). Then, I tried to recover the Whatsapp app, but it failed. It keeps failing after restarting my phone, so I don’t what to do now. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


For the duplicate contacts I suggest Contact Merger and for Whatsapp: Did you try simply reinstalling it from the play store (I’m assuming you got it from there?).
I believe if you login again whatsapp should download all your conversations from the cloud so you don’t need a backup. I could well be wrong though; I don’t even have whatsapp.

Whatsapp doesn’t backup conversations in the cloud, but locally. They even provide a tutorial on how to restore these files (although it seems that only the last 7 days are backed-up). Does that article help?

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Ok, thanks for helping so far. After the merge, I reïnstalled whatsapp. After reading the tutorial I reïnstalled it again and hit the Recovery button, which only recovered 48 messages (all group apps). This might have to do with me unfortunately clicking on the manual backup button in Whatsapp, which overwrites other backups. It did this manual backup after reïnstalling whatsapp, so it only made a backup of the group apps and there messages after reïnstalling.

I do not think I can retrieve any of my Whatsapp messages in this way anymore, but what I do not know is whether the backup of the Whatsapp app I made with the backup and restore app contains those messages.

Whatsapp stores messages in (internal sd card)/whatsapp/databases eg /storage/emulated/0/whatsapp/databases

check if you have files in there if you have something of a decent size (a few mb) then you might have your old messages backed up.

If so then you can restore them by
Take a backup of all the files in the databases folder,
Uninstall Whatsapp.
Put only the single database file you want into the database folder
Reinstall whatsapp

When whats app starts it should prompt you that it has found a backup and offer a chance to recover from the backup.

Joe67, thanks for the reply and sorry for the late reaction on my side. I can only find a file of nearly 16 MB (it’s called com.whatsapp.apk) with the backup of Whatsapp in SD-card (the external one)/backup/app, and I think this contains only the app and not the messages, or does anybody know more about this?

Yeah, the apk file only contains the app itself, but no user data like conversations.

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