Backup programs do not recognize my FP2

So I am trying to backup my data. I have not yet rooted my phone and I do not want to do that without a good backup. That in itself is a problem, since really good backup-apps usually need root.

I tried using Helium and HoloBackup…
While I have no problem accessing my FP2 via my computer, these two programs do not recognize my phone.
So Helium does not get the needed activation, and Holo tells my there is nothing to backup from…
What do I do?
I want to backup as much as possible, not only contacts but appdata and so on…

I have a PC with Windows 10. I tried to connect via all options the phone offers me. USB debugging is activated…
I tried using Helium before with no success when I still had Windows 7.

Any not too complicated solutions? Please?

Also, Holo can only restore to the same device?
I have a few issues with random reboots and my phone getting inexplicably hot, so maybe I will need to exchange it. I need a backup that can be transferred to a new phone if need arises. I mean, what use is a backup if you lose or breakt your phone and the backup is not usable with a new one?

I don’t know these two programs personally, but I guess they need an ADB connection to your phone like other backup and sync programs do.

So follow the steps described in this topic:

Another good and quite mighty backup program (that needs ADB as well) is MyPhoneExplorer. It backs up and syncs contacts, calendars, SMS, APKs and more to your PC. And it can be used to transfer all that stuff from one phone to another. Here you can find the instructions on how to install and use it.

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If you have the adb drivers installed, note that the for some people the USB connection mode on the phone needs to be left completely blank (e.g. uncheck everything). See for example the topic that this post is in:


It works! I did not know all the boxes could be unchecked! Thanks!

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