Backup non-Google Apps

Hi, I am about to do the 1.6 Cherry update manually.
But I have 2 apps which are not from the Google Play Store.
One from Humble Bundle and the other - Flappy Bird is no longer in Google Store.
How can I find the belonging files and backup and restore them after the update?

Thanks in advance

Hi there @Torsten_Groene,

Use the default “Backup & Restore”-app installed on your phone. For me it made a backup to my microSD card. After updating to Cherry, I just restored all my apps (and pictures, contacts, texts … as well) through the (same) app.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


EDIT: I also still have Flappy Bird, so normally it shouldn’t be a problem :laughing:

Do note that the backup & restore app doesn’t back up app data and settings.

I’m using Titanium Backup for backup and restore. You can backup and restore your apps and your data (including protected apps & system apps) and your data from your SD card.
It’s very flexible to decide, what you want to backup respectively restore (single data files/apps, whole sets of apps/system and so on…).

By app data, do you mean login items (usernames and passwords)? Because than, yeah you’re right. However, it did backup my scores & progress from my games and progress.

Oh grap, this is a misleading app name. I hoped it restored my app settings. For example my K9 Accounts

In K-9 Mail you have the option to backup your accounts built in. Just go to the app and press the menu-button. :slight_smile:

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