Background processes / apps die randomly

Hi, it happend again! I overslept, because my alarm clock app (alarmdroid) didnt ring… :frowning:
I have seen this happening from time to time now: Apps that should continue running in the background stop working without notification and any obvious reason.
I realized it with following apps so far:

  • Alarmdroid
  • Muzei
  • ebay
  • K9 Mail
  • bitcoin checker

When I open these apps again from the launcher they are working just fine. It seems like the background process of these apps just dies randomly. Is there any way I can track this down? Is there any logging or analysis app that might give a hint for the reason? Or have any of you seen this issue as well?

Battery saving feature is disabled, as well as background data restriction.

Do you have any task killer apps installed?

The only such kind of app I am aware of is Avast Mobile Security. It has this “Boost RAM” feature where it kills tasks. As far as I can see this function is not triggered automatically and I never use it on purpose. I have faith in android’s own RAM management…

In order to make sure that this is not the cause, please check whether uninstalling the app resolves the problem.

I think I found the reason: I had Titanium Backup installed and configured to create backups during the night. In order to make a backup Titanium Backup kills the app and does not restart it again. Seems like the pro version has this feature according to

There might be some further reasons, but this definitely is one.