Background not showing in app switcher with third party launchers

Pretty much what the title says, after upgrading to A12, the app switcher no longer shows the wallpaper, just showing white (or dark grey for dark mode).

Does anyone know how to fix this? Is this something that I’d need to open a support ticket for?

No support ticket necessary, it’s a feature, not a bug :wink:. It’s standard on Android 12 (and 13).

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This is kind of sad to hear - I also stumbled across this “new feature”.

As far as I remember clicking on the background in Android 11 led to the default start screen which was convenient. Now I use gestures (bottom-to-up or right-side-to-left over the grey area) to leave the app switcher. Have to get used to it I assume :slight_smile:

What’s the logic behind considering this a feature?

It just seems so pointless…

Please ask the makers of Android, we don’t know.

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Where did you find this information? And does it specifically refer to 3rd party launchers?
Just asking because with the default launcher the wallpaper is shown in the app switcher. And when I tap the background it takes me to the home screen.

I checked with a different phone (Pixel 4a), when upgraded from Android 11 to 12 or now 13 the background disappeared in the App switcher.
My answer is for Android with standard launcher, I wasn’t talking about third party launchers, there are to many anyway to give a general answer.

Ok, in this case the FP4 with A12 and the default launcher offers more than the Pixel 4a :slight_smile:

A surprise to say the least, but a pleasant one :slight_smile:

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