Back cover woes

Thanks for the info @anon65310988

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Well, the marketing effect is lost, when placing the phone on the table, the display facing down.
But otherwise; I do like this look to be honest.


At least it is voluntary now, as you need to voluntarily ask for a replacement :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m not a fan of branding in general, but the smaller/less obvious, the better.)

I believe I do most marketing for Fairphone during commute :smiley:

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ah, I am not the only one with a farphone anymore! :smiley:

My wife has a firphone after using it for 3 weeks. I hope the rest of the phone will have a better quality. :frowning:

How about rainbow colours? :slight_smile:


Ohh that’s a neat idea. Will have to have a think about that

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Can confirm: already at FAIRPNE, FAIPNE coming up quick.

Edit 2019-12-10: They’re dropping like flies! “FAPNE”

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Logo hack :wink:


To be honest, I didn’t get initially that your hack’s purpose was purely to protect the letters. On a second thought, this would probably also work very well to protect custom-colouring of the letters (or individual letters) :slight_smile:

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I did think about to color the Faiphone lettering on the case with the blue FP colour. Does anybody know the RAL no.?

Not sure if this is what you mean:

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That will work. thx
Will have a look if I can grab some model paint and give it a try.

I’m using a cover (Anna Treurniet’s) which supposedly also protects the letters (I hope!)

it happened to mine aswell. After about two months using it i became now an owner of a Fairpone. I’ve read that Fairphone is replacing them? How should i proceed?

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Welcome to the community forum.

Please contact Fairphone support …


Oh no, I hope my cover stays pretty :angel: if it doesn’t, I think I’ll paint the letters on, requesting a new cover because of letters missing kind of goes against my personal reasons for buying the phone in the first place (but by no means do I judge those who opt for a new cover!).


If mine doesn’t I’ll try to remove all the remaining letters. But all is fine until now :slight_smile: .

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Was wondering if who ever go the back cover replaced experience the letters peeling off issue again with the new covers? What did Fairphone change in the new back covers to avoid the letters from falling off again?

It’s covered by the guarantee :wink:

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