Back cover for FP2 - will the FP3 cover fit and when will it be available?

The translucent back on my FP2 has broken and I think dust is getting in, I’m experiencing some issues with the camera and people can’t hear me in voice calls.
I need to order a new one, and it looks like the shop just has a back for a FP3 and its ‘coming soon’.
How do I get a replacement back for my phone, and will the FP3 back fit (but I sdont think its in stock).

The FP3 has completely different dimensions, so it’s cover won’t fit the FP2. You’ll need to get one of the colorful FP2 slim cases here:


The transparent and translucent covers for the FP2 cracked easily, so Fairphone had to revoke them. In time you could have gotten a new cover for free.


Thanks Paula. Does ‘in time’ mean within a year if purchase? I should have done this earlier as its been cracked for ages :frowning: It is very weak. I’m hoping that is the cause of the other problems I’ve been having.
Thanks for a very quick response.

You generally have 2 years warranty on all hardware but the battery (1 year).


@paulakreuzer is quite correct regarding the warranty.
Just make sure to remind them of this posting:

Regarding you other problems, I really hope for you, though I am not too optimistic.
If the dust and dirt getting into the phone through cracks really be the cause for those troubles, that dirt/dust does not go away by putting a new cover over it.
You should at least try cleaning your phone when / before using the new cover.
For cleaning the phone, take a look here:

or here:

I am wishing you all the best and keep my fingers crossed!


You can still get a free replacement if you have a translucent slim case:

Your phone / case doesn’t have to be in warranty.


Thank you, I’ve emailed support to ask for a replacement.

Thank you, I also have my fingers crossed for the cleaning helping with the camera and sound - here’s hoping! I’ve had a few issues with the phone, I really want to love it but not yet :wink:

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