Back camera and black display when the device has a horizontal position and strong light/sun

Hi all,
I have an issue when I use the device outside (in a sunny day) and I try to take a picture with the device in horizontal position: in this case the display gets completely black as if the proximity sensor is active, but it is not covered at all. No issues when the device is in vertical position (even if there is an extreme sunny light) or in horizontal one if the light is not so strong.
OS updated recently and correctly.
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You only mention camera mode. How does the phone behave in general in horizontal position and in direct sunlight? For example can you browse internet or watch videos?

If it’s only camera, things you can try:
Clear camera storage and cache.
Try another camera app and see how it behaves.

Hi there!
Thanks for your message and sorry for the late reply…all this pandemic things changed my priorities for a while!
I’ve recently performed some tests and actually when I turn the phone in horizontal position and in open space with direct light the mobile screen turns black, regardless of what I am doing (even if I’m just in the main screen and not using an app). As soon as the phone is turned back in the vertical one, the screen becomes normal as usual.

Hope it can helps to have some tips or suggestions!



I’m not sure if this is still an issue for you, since it’s been a while, but I have a funny anecdote that sounds related, so I’ll post it anyway.

I had the very same issue with a totally different phone a few years back. Every time I went on a walk in the summer, the display would not work anymore sidways. It even dimmed slowly as I turned it. I turned off autobrightness and moved the brightness slider up to 100%, same problem.

Funny enough, at some point I took off my sunglasses to inspect it close up. Turns out, it works without the sunglasses.

The display in most phones polarizes the light in one direction. “Polarizing” sunglasses actually filter sunlight through a polarization filter, in the same direction. If you’re wearing the sunglasses, and turn the display, the directions are different, so no light passes through. Same effect as a polarization filter in photography.

It might be a totally different problem in this case, but if it is, that would be so funny! :slight_smile: