Bachelor Thesis

Hello Fairphone Community!

I am a fairphone user and a economics student.
Because I am really into the topic, my Bachelor Thesis is about ethical behaviour in Supply Chain Management.
During my work I would like to do a so called “best-practice-comparison”. I was hopping to reach someone from fairphone for help and information. Because I would like to get in touch with someone who has pieces of information for me or knows someone (who knows someone who has a friend who… ;-)) works for fairphone.

I am looking forward for your responses and help!
You would help a student who tries to give an input in ethical behaviour!

Best regards



Did you already contact them directly?
According to their contact details page they have a dedicated e-mail address for research questions:


Hello Johannes

I did but they did not reply.
So I tried it that way…

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It can take several days for a reply.

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Thank you for your words! I hope they will contact me…

They did contact me and were really friendly but couldn’t offer much support because they had so many things to handle. But than again, that was end of last and beginning of this year so there’s a chance it’s different now.

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