Awkward battery charging and no connection to PC

All of a sudden, on friday jan 19th, my FP2 battery charging went bezerk.
battery ran below 15% , the completely at 0. Battery delivered a few month ago.
When connecting to the charge, no led lighting, no charging operationg.
After a while, I restarted the FP2 , it showed 1% charged, it showed “charging” icon, but stayed during one hour at 1%, then switched off.
I changed battery , the old one was still charged at 40%.
it took some time for the charger to operate, charged the old battery. All seemed OK.
Put the “new” battery, which charged normally from 0 to 100% …
At the end of the week end, at 28% charge, again no possible to get it charged . I had to restart the FP2 3 times before it eventually got to initiate the charge .
During all this process, I suspected a loose connexion somewhere, but with 2 different charging devices the issue was identical.
Any wild upload of firmware last friday ??
Any other comment ??

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Perhaps you could try a kickstart.
Let the battery run all dry (ignore all battery warnings until your FP2 switches off by itself).
To kickstart the battery:
Take out the battery of the phone;
Wait for half an hour and put the battery back in the phone;
Connect the Fairphone to a charger; If the charging light is blinking, it means that the battery was totally empty, wait for some minutes until the red light becomes fixed;
A loading battery icon should appear for a few seconds (a short press on the power button will display it);
Please keep on charging for more than an hour because the battery was likely totally drained. You might need to do it twice - or at least let it shut down by itself twice - before the report is better.

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DO not like to try this, as soon as it reaches 10% it stops recharging, need to swap batteries, and so on .
Furthermore, I noticed in the last days that I could not connect with USB.
I can charge from my PC through USB, but the fairphone is not recognized by the PC and indicates that USB is not connected when I go into the connection parameters.
A weird connection in the USB connector ?

How do I find "settings for developers "? Is the “settings” the icon with mechanical wheel ?(named “parametres” in French?

Go to settings -> about phone and tap 10 times on the “build number”. Then they will appear in the general settings menu.

Thanks . Did it .
My phone was already on MTP. I did deselect and reselect MTP. Then restarted the FP without being connected. The connected to the PC . No joy, still charging but no data recognition on either end.

OS has been previously updated to OS 18 01 0

Sounds like your cable is either a charging cable or it’s data transfer function is broken.

This is why I tested the cable before with another phone … In fact I have 3 cables tested with the same PC and another phone working OK

So I do not believe it is a cable issue

I merged your two topics so you all the info is in the same place and you don’t get all the same questions and tips twice.

Well if it’s not the cable and charging as well as usb connection don’t work correctly than it’s most likely a defective bottom module.

ANd any advice to repair data transfer function ?

But you know and do this, right? …

Sure, did it . No way I can get the USB connexion working

SO I have yo purchase a bottom module . Plse warn whoever that after having waited for 9 month my screen, changed the battery for a no better one, now I change the bottom module. All this after only 18 months of first purchase . I have been s atrong promoter of FP, now I am close to become one of tha wildest detractors. I love the values, but not at all the product that is a real pain in the daily life. really sorry about it .
Last but not least, just got a bug on the purchase after confirming my payment, so I do not know wether it is taken into account or not …

No, you have 2 years guarantee on the hardware. As long as the issue is not a result of e.g. damage from dropping the phone you’ll get a replacement for free.

Check out the following link to find out how to get a fast reply from fairphone support so you don’t have to wait long for the replacement: #contactsupport

OK, did … got ticket number #227465. .
Hope it will be quickly taken into consideration.
Thanks for assistance, apologizes if I am getting a bit nervous… but I loose so much time with this …

It probably won’t unless you use the trick I linked to. Support is swamped.

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