Awful mobile internet connectivity

For about two weeks my phone is basically a dumbphone about 3/4 of the time I don’t have wifi.
I reset the APN and network provider (I’m on Lidl Connect, which uses Vodafone) several times already.
What I experience is that I
a) often get zero bars or bars, but no internet connection and
b) don’t have a working internet connection most of the time even when it shows me 4 bars and H.
What’s really strange is that there is a (very) temporary solution: Activating and deactivating airplane mode will produce a working internet connection and takes about 30 seconds (zero bars … 4 bars without internet … zero bars … 4 bars with E and a cross … 4 bars with E and no cross). It will only work for about 10 to 20 seconds though, after which it still shows me 4 bars and the H, but no app can use the internet, Threema e. g. stays on the red status. I was close to throwing it on the ground several times :fire:

Any ideas how to diagnose or solve this?

Apart from switching the phone completely off and on again …


Set your Lidl Sim to 3G and see if that makes any difference.
Do you by chance are using 2 SIMS?

Thanks for your posts, I tried everything and nothing helped so far. I’m moving all my data to my old S5. With it, I can also hear the people I call and nobody complains about not understanding me anymore (Calls are too quiet - Telefonatlautstärke ungenügend). I’ll send the FP2 to FP and hope, they can fix all the issues.

No, but I tried both slots with the one SIM I use.

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